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Huizhou Jinhaocheng Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd. The products mainly include: non-woven, needle punched filter cloth, cotton bedding tuck (quilting), automotive interior fabrics, cotton fire, engineering, geotextiles, furniture hardware and software cotton, carpet fabric, needle Fuge, toys filled with cotton, shoe fabric, non-woven bag material, Christmas craft cloth, polyester fiber materials. These non-woven products are widely used in various fields penetrate and modern society. For example, electric blankets, bedding, automotive interiors, shoes, cloth packaging materials, furniture, mattresses...

Huizhou City, Hao Cheng Nonwovens Co., founded in 2005, its predecessor was Huiyang District Xin Wei Tong threatened Kim Sung-nonwovens plant. Company plant area of 15,000 square meters, fully automated production, is a professional in the field of non-woven production and processing enterprises. Our company is located in Huiyang District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, close to the two high-speed intersection, Huiyang District, Shenzhen Yantian Port, 40 minutes' drive away, just 30 minutes away in Dongguan, convenient transportation, provide good conditions for the transport of cargo transport! Companies from home and abroad, the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology, at this stage has five professional production equipment line nonwovens field, the annual production capacity of more than 5000 tons.

Jinhao into Nonwovens Co. products series are: non-woven, needle punched filter cloth, cotton bedding tuck (quilting)...

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